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BLOOM Play School Policies

1. While there is no minimum age requirement, all children must be developmentally capable of handling a childcare scenario independent of their parent/guardian(s), in order to be admitted to the Play School. Prior childcare experience is helpful, but not necessary. In either case, the parent/guardian should expect a 1-2 week acclimation period at the start of their membership to allow their child(ren) to get fully comfortable in the new social situation. If the child is inconsolable in the parent/guardian’s absence, the parent/guardian retains the primary responsibility for soothing the child, so as not to cause unnecessary disruption or distress for the other children & adults working within the office, and this determination is made by the Play School staff at their discretion.

2. All children must be 100% illness-free in order to be admitted to the Play School. Children will not be permitted to enter the Play School if they are ill or show signs of any communicable diseases or conditions. The decision to admit a child is at the sole discretion of the Play School staff. Diseases or conditions that exclude children from the Play School include, but are not limited to: chicken pox, diphtheria, gastroenteritis, head lice, hepatitis (Type A), impetigo, influenza, measles, German measles, meningitis (bacterial and viral), mumps, pink eye, polio, ringworm, salmonellosis, scabies, shigellosis, strep throat, scarlet fever, TB, and whooping cough.

3. Parent/guardian must be at least 18 years of age and have an active current Bloom membership in their own name in order to admit a child into the Play School. Parent/guardian is not allowed to share membership information. Monthly membership fees are to be paid at the beginning of each month. Membership fees will not be reimbursed for partially used months.

4. All Play School reservations must be booked at least 1 hours in advance, using our community booking software. Children will not be admitted to the Play School without a valid reservation, due to our limited room capacity. The Play School is staffed only in the case of bookings, so last minute cancellations (less than 1 hr prior) and no-shows will be considered valid and payable.

5. The Play School capacity is limited to 8 children, 12 when staffed by 2 caregivers. We are required by law to deny access to the area when it reaches capacity.

6. Children are permitted to stay in the Play School for a maximum of 6 hours per day, between the hours of 9:00am to 1:00pm, and 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Parent/guardian(s) may book up to 6 hours per day, in 30 minute increments.

7. Bloom Play School is not a daycare. Per State Statutes, the parent/guardian or designated proxy parent MUST remain on-site and respond in a timely manner to electronic alerts from Play School staff during the time their child is receiving care in the Nest. Any person leaving the premises while their child remains on site will lose the privilege of using the Play School.

8. Parent/guardian(s) who admit children to the Play School must remain available to Play School staff and will be contacted by the staff if the child needs to use the toilet, is in a high state of distress, and for regular mandatory snack/meal breaks (10:50am, 1pm, 3:30pm). Parents are responsible for feeding their children during breaks to allow Play School staff a personal break.

9. The parent/guardian is encouraged to bring their child to the restroom before leaving them in the Play School. If a child needs assistance in using the restroom or requires a diaper change while in the Play School, the parent will be notified via text message so they may assist their child. Play School staff are not permitted to accompany a child to the restroom or to change diapers.

10. Children must be checked in and out of the Play School by the same parent or guardian. The ONLY exception is in the case of an emergency wherein a child can be released only to the emergency contact guardian named on file.

11. In order to maintain the highest standards of care for your children and while recognizing that our staff is not trained to care for children with severe special needs, Bloom must retain the right to deny admission to children whom their staff reasonably believes they are not trained to provide care for.

12. The Play School staff is not authorized to administer any prescription or non-prescription medication. If your child requires medication of any kind, it should be administered before the child enters the Play School. Storage of medication inside the Play School is prohibited.

13. The parent/guardian is responsible for the behavior of their child. Uncontrollable behavior will not be tolerated. If a child behaves disruptively, the parent/guardian will be called to the Play School to remove their child. Play School staff provide a structured rhythm to the day and will clearly communicate boundaries, but will not reprimand or use any form of punishment. Consistently uncontrollable behavior may lead to loss of Nest privileges.

14. No personal toys, food, or drink are allowed in the Play School. Bloom is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

15. In the event that an emergency evacuation of Bloom becomes necessary, children will be escorted to a secure area outside of the premises. The parent/guardian is encouraged to accompany the children out of the building, at which time normal pick-up procedures can be followed. Our primary concern in such emergency situations is the safety and accountability of each child at all times.

16. Failure to follow the Play School Policies will lead to the loss of Play School privileges.

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