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The Bloom Community Workspace, Wellness & Family Center

is a non-profit co-working & private office space with flexible on-site childcare and wellness support located in the heart of downtown Northampton, Massachusetts.

With a variety of professional spaces available for work, meetings, events, and therapeutic sessions, Bloom strengthens community resiliency by empowering working parents to achieve financial security while nurturing familial integrity and personal wellness.

Our membership community includes self-employed entrepreneurs & service practitioners, remote workers, freelance contractors, and parents who need access to quiet, productive workspace alongside flexible, enriching childcare, all under one roof. Our on-site Play School enables us to bring our kids to work with us on our own terms, so we can achieve our ideal work/life balance and reach our career goals without sacrificing the needs of our families or personal wellbeing.

Flexible drop-in childcare is open to all ages in our Play School from 9am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Our Play School teachers follow the Integralis approach, a natural learning curriculum designed to encourage and support skill building, cooperation and empathy across all age tiers. Our cooperative model affords our members reduced-cost childcare at rates as low as $9/hour.

Our new Wellness Suite is available by the hour to therapeutic practitioners of all types, who can also offer our on-site childcare to their clients as a unique and convenient amenity to their service. All of our members receive discounts on childcare and room rental rates.

Financial aid is available through Membership Grants open to socially disadvantaged women seeking to create financial independence for their families, with special consideration given to single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, and mothers continuing their education. Work/trade scholarships are also available to skilled applicants on a limited basis.

When we work together, we CAN have it all...family, career & self-care. We balance it all at Bloom!

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The Bloom Community Workspace, Wellness & Family Center ∞ (413) 341-2184

20 Hampton Avenue Suite 160, Northampton MA 01060 ∞ hello@thebloomcommunity.org

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